Welcome to Beading in London.

If you're interested in beads, beadwork or beading. Whether you live in or around London, or are just visiting.

This class explores all of the techniques needed to make the components which make up the pieces in my Lisa series of beadwork.

The 4 different Rivoli components, plus beaded links and toggle clasp, can be mixed-and-matched to make your own unique piece of jewellery.

This class is suitable for intermediate beaders and you must be comfortable with Herringbone Stitch (and optional Peyote Stitch) and working with small beads (size 15 and 11 seeds are used).

Saturday 10 Nov 2018 to Saturday 10 Nov 2018

Kentish Town Congregational Church, Kelly Street, Kentish Town, London, NW1 8PH


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